Jul. 07, 2022

HARRISBURG – Rep. David Rowe (R-Snyder/Union) released the following statement after the 2022-23 state budget was passed by the House today.

“While there are admirable components to this budget on issues I have long advocated for such as expanding the Educational Improvement Tax Credit so every child has access to an excellent education or cutting cumbersome taxes levied on job creators and making investments that would benefit seniors and children, this spending plan remains too irresponsible. With Pennsylvania taxpayers facing serious economic challenges amidst the prediction of declining revenues, now is the time to limit the growth of government and demonstrate responsibility and restraint regarding taxpayer dollars,” said Rowe. 

This budget totals $42.8 billion when state spending last year was $38.5 billion, an 11% increase. That is why, despite the positive aspects of the budget, Rowe said he voted no.

“We are seeing a 41-year high in inflation rates causing hard-working Pennsylvanians to buckle down to pay for essentials like gas, groceries and electricity. As policymakers, we need to remember that and keep in mind that we are stewards of taxpayer money. We can and should do better.”

Representative David Rowe
85th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: 717.772.9837