Jan. 15, 2021

HARRISBURG - House leaders have named Rep. David Rowe (R-Snyder/Union) to four committees for the 2021-22 Legislative Session, including Aging and Older Adult Services, Labor and Industry, Finance, and Local Government.

“I am thrilled to be serving on these committees that focus on issues crucial to our economic recovery from Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 business regulations,” said Rowe. “The Commonwealth has been reeling from the governor’s unjustified and incoherent regulations that have shut down not only their jobs but their livelihoods. Serving on these committees will give me opportunities to help our constituents who are hurting and relieve the private sector of as much red tape and tax burdens as possible in these difficult times.

“In addition, I am looking forward to being a voice for local government as we are sadly looking at an upcoming era of big government,” Rowe added. “It is crucial that we maintain local control over local issues as our communities look to recover from a year of burdensome regulations.

“I am also pleased to continue being more directly involved in fighting for our seniors and those in long-term care facilities as we combat COVID-19 and the unintended consequences of a heavy-handed and irresponsible Department of Health that has thus far failed to protect them.”

Rowe was sworn in to begin serving his second term as the state representative of the 85th District on Jan. 5.

Representative David Rowe
85th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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