Nov. 20, 2020

HARRISBURG - Rep. David Rowe (R-Snyder/Union) did not vote to approve Senate Bill 1350 due to the proposed increase in spending, misuse of CARES Act funds, and the refusal of the General Assembly to pass the Taxpayer Protection Act. 

The FY 2020-21 budget appropriates $32.1 billion of state funds and $3.4 billion of federal stimulus dollars for a total of $35.5 billion, after adjusting for FY 2019-20 costs that rolled into the current fiscal year. It increases spending by almost 4 percent over the FY 2019-20 budget.

“Unfortunately, this budget attempts to plug the budget hole created by Gov. Tom Wolf’s devastating COVID-19 lockdown policies with federal CARES Act funds,” said Rowe. “In doing so, we would be kicking the can down the road and missing out on an opportunity to use CARES Act funds more appropriately, such as to fund Rep. Clint Owlett’s Back on Track Education Savings Account (ESA) legislation.”

“I’m disappointed that we could not come together and truly rein in the governor’s spending by passing the Taxpayer Protection Act, which is a common-sense solution to the skyrocketing state spending trend of the last several years,” Rowe added. “At a time when Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth are tightening their belts, the state government should follow suit and be a true check on the governor’s irresponsible spending habits that will sooner than later come back to bite taxpayers.”

Representative David Rowe
85th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives